DJ Spotlight: Zandt Durham

Who is Zandt Durham? To start, he is a senior in the Journalism and Mass Communication program here at K-state. After Zandt graduates in May he intends to work in the world of radio wherever that may take him. He listens to any and all music, he does not discriminate as his love for music is vast. Zandt also has a cat named Buttercup whom he adores even when she is grumpy and refuses to behave appropriately. 

Currently Zandt is a co-host for The Morning Show with Zandt and Trey, which is live every weekday from 7-9am. After this show he also helps our faculty advisor Ian Punnett produce his show 19 at Noon, as well as DJ’s from 2-4pm. Zandt has been DJ-ing with us for the past two years and has completely immersed himself in it as you can probably tell.

During this Quarantine season he has been listening to the likes of Sweet Trip, Ondatrópica, Kamasi Washington, and The Voidz. However his favorite artists actually include Weezer, Outkast, Neutral Milk Hotel, Fleet Foxes, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Willie Nelson, and Wu-Tang Clan. In addition to listening to music Zandt enjoys playing guitar, indulging in the video game Animal Crossing, and watching Naruto Shippuden

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