DJ Spotlight: Lisa Olberding

Hometown: Seneca, KS
Year: Junior
Major: Journalism with a minor in Political Science

Why did you join KSDB?
I joined KSDB to try something different. I’ve always thought radio was cool but never really knew much about KSDB until I joined this semester. I’m definitely glad I did.

What have you learned so far from working at KSDB?
I’ve learned a lot about the technical side of radio and how everything works. I have also been able to broaden my horizons by listening to and playing music that I didn’t really know much about before I joined KSDB.

What is your favorite part about working at KSDB?
My favorite part has been getting to try something different and meeting new people along the way. It has never even really felt like work.

What are some albums/artists you’ve been listening to lately?
Anything from Ed Sheeran or Thomas Rhett. And lately Kendrick Lamar’s new stuff.

What is your favorite movie of all time?
No way could I just pick one, but a couple of my favorites are The Sandlot and The Dark Knight.

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