DJ Spotlight: Dylan Swoyer

Dylan is a veteran DJ here at 91.9 KSDB and can be heard once a week during our nightly hip-hop rotations. Similar to our other DJ Spotlights, we want you to get to know more about the student voices you hear on-air. Here’s a little bit about Dylan.

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1. Who are you listening to currently?

YG, Sky Ferreira, and Mick Jenkins.

2. What was the first concert you ever went to?

Outside of Backstreet Boys when I was 6 (no shame), the first real concert
I went to was Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Beaumont in high school. Best show
I’ve seen was Death Grips earlier this year at the Granada.

3. Why did you get involved in KSDB?

I’m a civil engineering major who got involved with KSDB in the summer of
2014 because my brother, Jordan, was the program director at the time. I
have had a DJ shift each semester. I made the switch from alternative to
hip hop last spring and show no signs of turning back. I have a co-host for
the first time this semester (David Dougherty) and I’m really enjoying the
change it brings from just a solo shift.

4. Do you think The Sandlot was overrated or underrated?

I’ve seen the Sandlot close to 100 times so no, it’s not overrated.

5. What’s something else we should know?

I have season tickets for Sporting KC and really just enjoy all sports –
especially these Royals playoff runs. I’m loving student radio and will
definitely continue to be involved until I graduate (hopefully soon but not
too soon). I’m enjoying watching the music scene around Manhattan grow
slowly but surely.

Be sure to tune into 91.9 KSDB Manhattan to hear Dylan every Tuesday at 9:30!

By: Lindsay Rhoades

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