DJ Spotlight: Claire Todd

Who is Claire Todd? To start, she is an original Manhattanite as she has lived here all of her life. This is her second year attending K-State as a Vocal Performance major in the hopes to pursue a career in the music industry. 

During this Quarantine season she has been listening to Kool & The Gang, Fall Out Boy, and My Chemical Romance as a reminder to the days of yore. On top of this while she’s not running the station and pursuing her degree, Claire says she balances between dancing her problems away while also getting angry at the establishment.

In addition to her musical talents she is the current Program Director here at Wildcat 91.9. Claire says “I love Wildcat 91.9 because it gives me an opportunity to share my love of music while also getting real world experience in the industry.” Being at Wildcat 91.9 has helped her to cultivate professional skills that will stick with her through her musical career.

You can listen to her live every weekday with Bill Bernard during Bill on the Way from 4-6pm!

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