DJ Spotlight: Bill Bernard

Who is Bill Bernard? To start, he is a United States Air Force veteran where he served from 2011 through 2017. Owing to his experience in the military and his own curiosity, Bill has been able to travel to over 15 countries in his 27 years of life. Currently he is working as an Uber/ Lyft driver in addition to his work at the station and earning his degree. Bill is not a native Kansan as he was born off of the East Coast where he spent most of his life living in Seattle, Washington. He enjoys making abstract art, writing films and poetry as well as gardening.

Bill has been working with us at the station since the Fall of 2018. His music interests are wide but he generally enjoys listening to tunes between the 80’s and 90’s as well as electronic dance music (EDM). Originally he started out doing Madness After Midnight, a show he created to talk about EDM which aired from 12am- 1am on Saturday nights. Currently he is the host of Bill on the Way which is live from 4-6pm every weekday during the afternoon drive time.

This is Bill’s senior year attending K-State as a Journalism and Mass Communications major. He says that after graduating he hopes to do podcasting and radio work of the comedial sort as he has loved every moment of being a part of Wildcat 91.9. 

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