DJ Spotlight: Amy Pond

Our first DJ Spotlight is given to Amy Pond! Amy absolutely kills it on-air by bringing her bright personality to everything she does. We wanted you to get to know Amy and love her just as much as we do! To do that, we asked her to answer a few questions.

1) Why did you decide to get involved with KSDB?

I had a couple friends that were in radio and heard good things about it! I wanted to try radio before I graduate in December.

IMG_11382) Tell us a little bit about your experience at KSDB 

This is my first time to have a show on the radio. It was very intimidating and scary at first, but I feel like it gets easier every time I am in the studio. I love the freedom of KSDB and being able to try new things!

3) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope to have a job in video production or working for Disney.

4) Can you explain your vlog to us? When you started, why, your inspirations, etc. WE. LOVE. IT.

I created a YouTube channel in high school and vlogged my daily life. These videos have been put on private now because they are embarrassing but I since then have made 2 different YouTube channels. The Shaytards inspired me to start a YouTube channel. They vlogged their life for 6 years every single day!
I love the YouTube community and meeting new people! I went to VidCon this summer (a Youtube convention) and met so many awesome creators! YouTube is such a fun place to express yourself and create whatever you want!

(Check out her YouTube channel – amypuddles)

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 2.24.31 PM5) If you could meet any celebrity who would it be?

I wish I had someone inspirational for this… But honestly, I would love to meet Miranda Sings from YouTube. Her character is so unique and weird but every video makes me laugh so much.

6) What artists are you listening to right now?

This is a little strange, but I’m a big fan of A Capella music. Pentatonix recently released a new album so that has been on repeat in my car. I’ve also been listening to Tori Kelly and Taylor Swift.

– Amy Pond

Be sure to tune into 91.9 KSDB and listen to Amy every Wednesday from 11am-12pm!

By: Lindsay Rhoades

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