DJ Spotlight: Alexander Lu

Name: Alex Lu
Hometown: Plano, Texas
Major/Year: Psychology/Junior

Why did you join KSDB?
 I’ve actually been thinking about joining KSDB and becoming a DJ for a couple of years now, but I’ve always had conflicting schedules with the class time. My friend, Ryan, used to worked as a DJ for KSDB years ago, and one day he invited my friends and I to play some djembe drums live on air. I really enjoyed getting an inside look of the radio station, and seeing how everything worked in the studio. It was my first time being inside a radio station studio, and I’ve been listening to the radio since I was a kid, so I thought it was a pretty cool experience. So that, along with my love for music, and the thought of being able to play music that I like on the radio made joining KSDB seem like a great opportunity to learn something new, step out of my comfort zone a bit, and be able to work with something I genuinely enjoy!

What have you learned so far from working at KSDB?
So far, I’ve learned to work and operate most of the equipment and software in the radio station studio, how to determine what’s playing on air and how to play songs I enjoy listening to using the radio broadcasting software, and how to deliver DJ breaks as well as news breaks. Some good advice I got from James Copeland, when it comes delivering a DJ break or news break was to pretend like you’re talking to just one person. I think that made it seem a lot less intimidating, as compared to the thought of addressing everyone who’s currently listening to the station.

What is your favorite part about working at KSDB?
Definitely being able to play music that I love on the radio, and talking on air during DJ breaks. Also, I may have some opportunities coming up to go to some live shows and write reviews or even interview bands! I think that would be an awesome experience, and I very much look forward to it.

What are some albums/artists you’ve been listening to lately?
Lately, I’ve really been into Beach House, Spazzkid, Kishi Bashi, Mick Jenkins, and Cigarettes After Sex

What is your favorite movie of all time?
I’m a pretty huge cinephile, so it’s always a challenge to pick a favorite because I love so many movies, but if I had to choose just one… I’d go with Princess Mononoke by Hayao Miyazaki.

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