Dirty Projectors – Lamp Lit Prose

Dirty Projectors is back to being the Dirty Projectors we all came to know and love on their latest release, Lamp Lit Prose. On their recent project before Prose, Dirty Projectors changed their ever-evolving style to one significantly darker, and more experimental, which caused for a mixed reactions from the critics and fanatics. Personally I admire when artists try to change it up from time to time, but I was happy to hear some of the more archetypal Dirty Projector instrumentation on this project. The album commences with “Right Now,” which features Syd in a way better than I could have anticipated. Its a nice little tune which David Longstretch, the lead singer and mastermind behind Dirty Projectors, said gives a George Jones vibe. The second track “Break Thru” was one of my favorites. It’s fun, upbeat, forces you to feels happy and honestly sounds like it could came straight from Swing Lo Magellan. The song shifts so well as David precisely times all the veers to maintain the listeners attention. The same could be said for the following track, “That’s a Lifestyle.” “I Feel Energy” is currently the most popular track from the project on Spotify, and with good reason. Its upbeat and easily has the most annoyingly catchy chorus to go along with the groovy horns. “Zombie Conqueror” slows the pace down just a bit, yet still maintains the albums entertainment level. “Blue Bird” is a pleasant love song which feels like a warm summer evening breeze. “I Found U” keeps the love theme rolling and you can hear the pure joy David is having creating music at this point. Lighthearted music is what initially made Dirty Projectors so beloved by their fans, and listening them come back to this sound is awesome to listen. After a few more easy to listen to, yet somewhat forgettable tracks, the album closes with “(I Wanna) Feel It All”. It’s a slow burner with a long intro, and it  will put you a drowsy, dreamy state of mind. The album as a whole is not a bad listen whatsoever, but can get a little repetitive. I’m glad David and the whole Dirty Projectors team are back to sounding like themselves, but this thing is far from perfect. I’ve found its one of those projects to play when starting a nice summer morning; it’s definitely one of the more enjoyable albums to be released in rock this year. Image result for lamp lit prose

Hits- “Right Now” “Break Thru” “That’s a Lifestyle” “Blue Bird”

Misses- “You’re the One”

Rate- 7

By: Daniel Lopez

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