Did you hear that? – KSDB pulls an all-nighter

Observant listeners of KSDB might have noticed a difference in programming on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  That’s because the KSDB staff ran the station manually from CDs and vinyl for over 32 hours.

Records and CDs
Records and CDs kept KSDB on air for over 32 hours.

Many stations like KSDB rely on automation systems to run programming, especially during the overnight hours.  On Tuesday morning, KSDB’s main server crashed, leaving it up to the staff to fill the airtime with their own programming.  Luckily, KSDB maintains a large physical library of music, and everyone pitched in to keep the station on the air.  All of KSDB’s normal programming aired, with the exception of hip-hop, which often has to be edited before it goes on the air.


Production Director Brennan Flanagan spends hour 23 on the floor on the studio.

It wasn’t very long ago that all radio stations were “manual” or had some limited form of automation. While it was certainly hard and tiring work (4-6 a.m. jazz, anyone?), it was a great learning experience for everyone on staff, and who knows, we might pull another all-nighter again just for the fun of it… stay tuned!



By: James Copeland

One thought on “Did you hear that? – KSDB pulls an all-nighter

  1. Staying up all night to spin records is such a chore!!! Hell, when I was a young person I used to stay up all night spinning records for my own enjoyment!!! Time for you to ditch your automation, be real and go live 24/7!

    Best regards: Peter Carli (“Studio 83” on XM, Mix Attack on WMSS 91.1, Fenix Nightclub concert promotion, among other credits)

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