Deer Tick – Mayonnaise

If you like rock music mixed with a hint of country, Mayonnaise is the album for you. Deer Tick is a rock band that hails from Rhode Island. They’ve been active for over a decade and recently released their album called Mayonnaise. The band consists of four people. The singer-songwriter is named John McCauley, guitarist Ian O’Neil, bassist Chris Ryan, and drummer Dennis Ryan.

I liked how the album opened with “Bluesboy.” It opens with a hint of nostalgia and traditionalism. However, the band does alternative takes. The album is not mainly classified in one genre. It’s a mix of various notes that dance into your ears.

Another song I really liked was “Doomed From the Start.” One of my favorite quotes from the entire album is in this song: “all God’s children will throw around their weight. Like overgrown children, we’re all bound to break.” To me, this means that no one is invincible, and we all have weakness. You may feel invincible, but that can be an illusion.

If you’re already a Deer Tick fan, you would probably love this album. The casual listener probably won’t understand any of these alternative songs. If you’re willing, go back and listen to the beginning of Deer Tick’s time up to the present. Much has changed, but not too greatly.

While the entire album is nothing commendable, it has its moments. The most interesting thing from the album is the country influence while Deer Tick identifies as a rock band.

Hits: “White City” “Doomed From the Start”

Misses: “Limp Right Back” “Run of the Mill”

Rating: 6

By Tori Wiegers 

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