Country Stampede at Tuttle Creek State Park

In 2016 one of our DJs went to Country Stampede. With the upcoming show this summer, he wanted to share his experiences from last year.

Last summer I had the chance to go to Country Stampede on June 23 – 25, not only as a fan, but as part of the media. It was a blast! There were plenty of things to do. From the time you walk through the gate there was food, beer and tents where you could get anything you want, especially if it was cowboy-related.

The best part of Country Stampede was the headliners like Tim McGraw , Sam Hunt, Jake Owen, Chris Janson, and more! It was great that I got to experience it all with one of my best friends, but you really had to make sure you kept a lot of water with you because it was hot! One day it got over 100 degrees.

On Saturday I got to do some interviews with some of the attendees that were camping out at Country Stampede. I also had the chance to walk the campgrounds and meet some party people who were just enjoying themselves. There were a lot of K-State students there, but there were some of those Jayhawkers who came all the way from Lawrence.

One thing I learned while doing media there is that there are a lot of rules that you have to follow or you’ll be kicked out.  That’s the responsibility of having a media pass. On another note I’d like to warn you if you are interested in going to Country Stampede this summer and plan on drinking underage, don’t do it! A lot of people were arrested and the tickets aren’t cheap, so don’t risk it.

So that was my experience at Country Stampede. Tickets are on sale now for summer 2017!

By: Shawn Gelushia

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