Cloud Nothings – Life Without Sound

Cloud Nothings latest album Life Without Sound is a much mature sound for the band. It’s not necessarily darker, when compared to earlier albums, but it does seem much deeper, which fits the album art very well. There is much more cohesion between the songs and their message.. “Up to the Surface” starts off with some minor piano music which immediately sets the mood for this album. While slower than the rest of the album, it serves as a nice intro to the heart of the album. Next, the band really gets into it with the banger “Things are Right With You”, faster and more upbeat, this song features repetitive lyrics that you just want to scream angsty at the top of your lungs. This song could also be an anthem for the album, because it’s as if Cloud Nothings have embraced their sound and identity, and through introspection, everything makes them and the listener “feel right”.

The album as a whole is beautifully constructed, but the songs themselves can stand out on their own just as well. Personally, my favorite is either  “Internal World” or“Enter Entirely” . Both have the same kind of feel that got me into the band in the first place, and it’s great to hear them grow into their sound, instead of changing it too much. “Internal World” is maybe the most pop-punky song on the album and it’s lyrics are relatable, “And it, it looks like mine anymore/ Internal world, the one worth living/ But I’m not the one who’s always right” Baldi does add that one stipulation that he may not be right, which adds to the maturity of this album, both in sound and lyricism. “Enter Entirely” has alluring lyrics such as, “My world looks like I had only dreamed/ Cutting up pieces of life and reality” and the phenomenal hook, “Moving on but I still feel it/ You’re just a light in me now”. Even though it’s repetitive, with the spacing within lyrics and instrumentals, it works. If Cloud Nothings keeps with this sound, we can only expect more greatness from them.

By: Bridget Lynch

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