Classroom Series – Your Friend

Have we got a treat for you. Notice that’s not a question. It is in fact a statement, and we stand by it. Your ears will be delighted by this delicate fresh-out-the-oven feature.

Taryn Miller, formally under the moniker Your Friend, visited our studios during the finals week of the Spring 2017 semester. Your Friend put the finishing touches on this semester with a bittersweet curtain call, granting substance to the threshold between these weekly performances and the outset of a fresh and unconquered future. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

Who is Your Friend? Having recently released Gumption, her 2016 debut LP with the label Domino Record Co., she keeps close to her rural connections, hailing from Winfield, Kansas, and continually working with artists in and from Lawrence. Her music expresses a self-awareness that many of us want only for lack of courage. In this way, it is enduring and powerful, if not a bit raw. That is what we admire so dearly about Your Friend.

Taryn’s music has always had a profound effect on the staff (current and former) and students around here, and we hope that you can share a little bit of those feelings with us while watching the session we recorded with her below last May. She had come as part of Lawrence band, CS Luxem, for its first Classroom Series here in late 2015 just before she headed off to Paris for her own project, Your Friend. The project has a new chapter waiting for us around the corner, and we’re eager to see what’s in store.

Stay tuned to KSDB as the fall semester rolls out. We got a lot more coming, and we can’t wait to get started.

by: Blane Worley and Dylan Swoyer

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