Classroom Series – The Tambourine Club

They’re back! And by back, I mean they’re here for the first time! OKAY.

The Tambourine Club is a band fresh out of Kansas City. Not that they’re new, but they did come to Manhattan to see us straight from Kansas City. Then they went back. And now they’re probably not so fresh-out-of-Kansas-City anymore. But they definitely are a fresh take on the whole “psYch pOP” genre.

You’ll want to check out the playlist below. Afterwards, you’ll probably want to get more out of your Tambourine Club dollar. Don’t worry.

They have a WEBSITE! They have a FACEBOOK! They even have a SOUNDCLOUD! These guys have all kinds of connections. Don’t forget to grab their new album Chameleon from their BANDCAMP.

Having this 4-piece group was a blessing for the station, and we hope to hear more from them in the near future.

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