Classroom Series – Gnarly Davidson

We’ve had a lot of great acts so far this year at the KSDB studios. Some of them were pretty quiet, and some were pretty loud. Then there’s Gnarly Davidson.

You see, these boys know how to make good music loud and loud music good. For this installment of the Classroom Series, that’s exactly what they sought out to do. Or perhaps they didn’t even try to make good music; that’s just naturally what they do. After having our minds blown away and going to sleep wishing for more, we finally got more in the form of videos!

Of course we helped make this possible. Day in and day out, we craved more Gnarly, and the end product is a beautiful visual insight into a great performance. Check it out in the playlist below, and don’t forget to follow KSDB on pretty much any social medium of your choosing for more Classroom Series.

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