Classroom Series – Fake Natives

Fake Natives

Summer’s winding down, but we couldn’t round it off without a Classroom Series. Such a dead summer would be egregious and, frankly, too difficult to stomach. Towards the end of June, we rounded up the gang and got back together for one last hoorah, after assembling the pieces of Manhattan veterans Fake Natives from every corner of the United States. Each of the five band members have spread all over the country. The resulting experience will be a lasting one for KSDB.

The band members found each other some years ago in Manhattan, Kansas, (originally known as The Low End) and after a name change and releasing their self-titled LP in 2012 (as well as playing some electric shows throughout Kansas), disbanded to move along their continually shifting lives, in different parts of the world. Fortunately for us, this didn’t mean the end of Fake Natives music. They released Kiasedona in 2013, and in their time apart, Fake Natives collected experiences and connected them to their time together, eventually conglomerating these experiences into the self-reflection that is Lose Touch, their newest album released just one day before this studio recording.

This wasn’t an easy album to put together, and the distances separating these friends was only one of many hurdles in creating Lose Touch. In our opinion, though, Fake Natives not only overcame these difficulties but just as well disproved their power. For some of us at KSDB studios, this album is personal and already has a reserved space in our hearts.

Give the session the blessing of your views, and watch the playlist below. If you need more local music, we’ve got plenty of other videos to whet your appetite.

Keep it real, fam.

By: Blane Worley and Dylan Swoyer

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