Classroom Series – Arc Flash and Psychic Heat


On Thursday, September 24th, Arc Flash and Psychic Heat kicked off the first Classroom Series event of the semester in KSDB’s McCain studios. Both bands hail from Lawrence and embarked on a national tour together soon after leaving MHK. Space punk duo Arc Flash are currently filling in for the rhythm section of Psychic Heat, playing bass guitar and drums. This event was the first time the two bands had played together and the concert in Aggieville that followed the broadcast was the first official stop on the bands’ tour to New York and back. At Aggie Station, Arc Flash and Psychic Heat performed to a large and welcoming crowd, and good vibes were had by all. For more information about both bands, visit their Facebook and Bandcamp pages:

Arc Flash Facebook – Arc Flash Bandcamp – Psychic Heat Facebook – Psychic Heat Bandcamp

For more information on upcoming KSDB events, visit our events page.

Arc Flash Setlist:

  1. Earls
  2. Blood
  3. Titan
  4. Divination
  5. Tuff

Psychic Heat Setlist:

  1. Elixir
  2. Mortal Concept
  3. Stargazer
  4. Anxiety Eater

By: Nick Fief

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