Chastity Belt – Time To Go Home

Chastity Belt“He was just another man, tryn’a teach me something.”

“Drone,” the first track on Time To Go Home, a surprisingly thoughtful record from a band who arose from a frat party in Walla Walla, Washington, or so the legend goes. Chastity Belt’s lead singer Julia Shapiro’s vocal work is distant, echoey, almost dismissive at times, but the messages are all pretty clear. She swoons and strings out these messages over the course of the record in a way that seems almost casual, but the lyrics stroll over very important, complex themes involving the image of a woman’s sexuality, independence, and equality.

“To all the girls in the world tryn’a take off their shirts. Ladies it’s okay to be slutty,” Shapiro sings on “Cool Slut” while beautiful, surf-rock instrumentals float in the background. Sonically, there is an interesting level of diversity as the record progresses. After the beachy “Cool Slut,” there is a distinctive genre switch on “The Thing,” which feels entirely more grungy and punk rock-esque. It pays tribute to Washington’s riot grrrl roots. As the final screams fade out at the conclusion of “The Thing,” a pulsing beat begins “Joke,” another full switch in sound. However, this time it goes back to the more surf-rock feel with wailing, echoey, brooding vocals.

Every part of this record flows together perfectly and melds in your ears with a certain charm that is almost hypnotizing. Not only is Time To Go Home cerebrally stimulating, it’s downright easy to listen to. Chastity Belt has mastered the art of delivery by throwing casual punches in this broody, alluring record.

By: Nick Fief

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