Car Seat Headrest – Twin Fantasy

“We gotta go back” – Will Toledo in “Famous Prophets (Stars)” and about this album, probably.

A classic moody teenage indie-rock classic from 2011, Twin Fantasy has been re-recorded and re-vamped without losing all of it’s scrappy charm, pleasing to the cult following of the original recording, ardently referred to as a “Bandcamp masterpiece”.

Through poignant declarations, sweeping vocals, and frenetic repetition , Toledo’s introspection into human nature through preoccupation is clear, running through the whole gamut of emotions whether a 12 minute song, such as “Beach Life-in-Death”, “I am incapable of being human/I am incapable of being inhuman” and “Stop smoking, we love you/ And we don’t want you to die” in the minute and a half tune aptly named “Stop Smoking (We Love You)”.

Whether talking to himself or the mysterious “you”, Toledo’s conversations are bigger than either of them in a sense, drawing on universal human anxieties, addressing life and death, The phenomenal and the mundane colliding into interwoven fragmented stories ripped apart and reassembled like a cross between a mosaic, broken and beautiful, and the monstrous Frankenstein’s monster who has to deal with human society and not fitting in.  The stream of consciousness lyrical quality, simple instrumentation, gives both a familiar and strange feeling to the listener, with an added depth to the nostalgia due to the re-recording.

The hazy storytelling, with varied tempos is still the same, just a little polished, making this album both accessible to old and new listeners, ensuring that these songs will persist in the music sphere for quite a time to come, giving a voice that speaks to the listener and lets them explore what it means to not only be human, but to feel human in the chaos of life. Don’t just take my word for it. Toledo tells you himself in the last lines of the last song, “When you come back I’ll still be here”.

By: Bridget Lynch

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