On Wednesday, February 22, 2018, a couple of buddies and I ditched our college responsibilities for a night and took a trip up to KC to watch the ascending, self called boyband, BROCKHAMPTON, live at the Truman. The line to get in was way longer than I expected, and we honestly weren’t even in the crowd when the show started as we were still in line to get some precious merch. We only missed a few songs, thankfully, and although we had to start the show near the back of the crowd, we were able to somehow finesse our way up through some mosh pits, and in between some shoulders to the point that we ended up 3 people back from the stage.

Starting their show around 9:20, The boy band kicked it off with ‘Boogie” and the crowd was theirs from that point onwards. Next, they played “Queer,” followed by “Star,” “Gummy,” “Face,” “Swamp,” “Gold,” “Jello,” and “Sister/Nation.” They performed plenty more songs after these, but I was having too much fun at that point to remember to record what was going on; sorry loyal readers. Anyways, throughout the show, BROCKHAMPTON’s on-stage presence was near-perfect. When playing songs, they would literally rap the songs completely, unlike most other hip hop artists who only rap a few lines and verses for a majority of the songs they perform. Every songs was delivered with such energy and authenticity that there was never a boring or even somewhat unlikable moment in any track that was performed. Another component of the show that I really enjoyed were the transitions between songs that were loaded with humorous banter between the members of BROCKHAMPTON, bountiful interaction with the crowd, and an overall confidence that gave the message that they deserve the gaining publicity that they are starting to receive. I especially found it funny when Kevin Abstract, the front man for the band, made the crowd chant with him, F*** Pitchfork, as a response to pitchfork’s somewhat snobby and pretentious bad reviews of their trilogy of Saturation albums. With this concert being held in a somewhat smaller venue, the crowd was loaded with seemingly only loyal fans, which made being a part of the crowd a great, but somewhat exhausting, time. It was awesome to see just how the members were being energized by the crowds crazy energy and raw happiness. It was nothing like I’ve seen before. Overall, The Live BROCKHAMPTON Experience was insane, and the way they were able to make sure it was a great time for the fans helped make the 2 hour concert something I’ll be lucky to ever experience again.   

By: Daniel Lopez

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