BROCKHAMPTON at The Midland – Concert review

BROCKHAMPTON started out their evening in Kansas City, Missouri with no opening act, but with an amazing two hour long performance.

To give some background on the boyband, they consist of 14 members with only six that actually perform; Led by Ian Simpson, who is also known as Kevin Abstract.

Kevin Abstract, performing member, took to twitter the morning of with “Who the fuck lives in kansas city tonight’s show finna be hella yeehaw.” This led to random “yeehaw” chanting to further encourage the boy band to come out and perform sooner.

The crowd was filled with diverse individuals which only added to the amazing atmosphere. BROCKHAMPTON is known for their rowdy crowds, but nothing will prepare someone for the mosh pit that you can be dragged into as soon as they began to perform.

The boy band wasted no time to start their show and lead a flow of songs that consisted of only their hits. They included songs from their newest album Iridescence such as “Weight,” “New Orleans,” “Tonya,” and “J’ouvert.” They also included songs from their Saturation Trilogy such as “Queer,” “Star,” “Sweet,” and “Gummy.”

While they had an amazing set, during each break between songs they took the time to make everyone make one giant circle near the stage for more intense moshing. Needless to say, the crowd near the stage was rowdy, loud, and very sweaty.

The show came to its end and the boy band said their farewells to the crowd. although the crowd took a second to get organized, we came together to chant once more for an encore. 

BROCKHAMPTON came out stronger than before and ended the night by performing their singles “1998 Truman,” “1999 Wildfire,” as well as adding “Boogie” to the encore set.

By Maricela Cardona

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