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The coronavirus has affected nearly every college student in America at this point. With stay-at-home orders and online classes becoming the new normal, many students are understandably turning to any comfort they can to find relief in these stressful times. For many, the thing they turn to is music. That being said, many students are starting to ask if this virus will hurt their favorite artists, just as it has hurt millions of other workers in America. It’s a reasonable concern. Across the country, hundreds of concerts and festivals are being cancelled, major recording studios are closing down and musicians at every level of the industry are trying to figure out how best to engage with their audiences while shut inside their homes. 

Sounds bad doesn’t, just like most things do now-a-days. Thankfully, there’s some light to be seen in these dark days. Specifically, the light coming from a computer or cell-phone screen. Just like many others in the entertainment industry, musicians are turning to social media to stay connected with their fans. The music scene here in Kansas is a prime example of this new norm of engagement. Artist’s such as CS Luxem and True Lions have begun hosting in-home concerts over Instagram and Facebook Live. Others, such as Heads or Heads and No Magic, are releasing new music for their fans to listen to during their time at home. The music is as active as every, it’s just adhering to social distancing guidelines while doing so.

But what do all the stay-at-home orders and non-essential business shutdowns mean for a college radio station like us? Well on an obvious note, no more live shows or promotional events for the time being. While we’re sad we won’t be able to see your smiling faces at a Public Hall concert for a while, we’re happy to say we are still on air. We’ve had to limit our operations but Wildcat 91.9 will be here through the quarantine. That means new alternative music and drive shows every week for your listening pleasure. 

I suppose, for the most part, you won’t hear a huge difference when you tune into the station. We’ll still be here to take your requests, give you some new music whenever you need it, and  entertain you in these strange and uncertain times. We’re in this together, so as long as you’re there to listen we’ll keep broadcasting.

Stay safe everyone!

If you’re interested in learning more about what’s going on in the local music scene, check out this awesome video put together by our friend Sara Wallace and the team over at MHK All Day.

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