Black Belt Eagle Scout – Mother of my Children

Warning: before listening to this album, you have to be a human. Mother of my Children speaks of loss and mourning.

Mother of my Children is a collection of reflective rock songs. It is a dramatic album lyric-wise. Various instruments are used, but often neglected. There are drums, distorted guitars and other trippy instruments. The main focus of this album was the singer. Her sound was sorrowful because the album is devoted to loss and mourning. Each song is depressing.

For “Keyboard,” the singer’s vocals hush a bit and strain into higher soprano notes. The title track balances vocal harmonies with quiet guitars.

“Just Lie Down” is the album’s second rock song, and the singer comes off as bitter. The closer, “Sam, A Dream” is just okay. It contains instrumental harmonies and ends with a solo, but it was decent at best.

The singer’s melodic phrasing came across as clumsy at times. The chord moves while the melody repeats. I think that’s why I liked “Soft Stud” so much. However, the singer does that repeatedly and that led me to just not like the rest of the album.

“Yard” is also a perfect example of this. The guitar and vocals grabs you before the song’s remaining minute ends. The bass and drums add to the song. In a way, Mother of My Children is the kind of album that curses and heals you depending on your life.

The album was loud and quiet at the same time. The lyrics were loud and held meaning, but quiet because the music was soft like it was afraid to be something greater.

Hits: “Soft Stud” “Keyboard”

Misses: “Sam, A Dream” “Indians never die”

Rate: 6

By Tori Wiegers

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