Betty the Astronaut, Even the Girl, Delicious Friction, and The Sounds of Many at Sisters of Sound

I had the chance to check out some bands at the Sisters of Sound record store last weekend. First of all, I wasn’t really sure how everything would work out, as there is limited space. The venue was a little unorthodox with rows of records up and down the store, but everyone squeezed in just fine. I was also unsure how the sound would carry in such a room.

On Friday the place was packed to see bands Betty the Astronaut and Even the Girl. It was packed and hard to move around, but in a good way. The sound, surprisingly to me, carried very well for a room like that. The lead singer of Even the Girl’s voice carried throughout the whole room. Their jams were cool/chill, and easy to groove with. I will however, say that the free show for all ages possibly wasn’t the greatest choice. There were plenty of young children around while the bands were using f-bombs throughout the show. Even the Girl played a funny song about a Wamego missile silo that ended up being turned into a huge acid factory. This song gave the drummer a little more flexibility, throwing in off beats and tight drum fills. Luckily for the store’s owner, there were no mosh pits, as there was no room. The female lead singer reminded me of a 70s rock band that screams with great acappella and vibrato. Some of their songs I would’ve really liked to have heard what the lyrics were, but it was hard to hear her sometimes over the loud drums. Her song about replacing emotions with video games was pretty funny, but I couldn’t hear all the lyrics.

On Saturday, the band Delicious Friction opened for The Sounds of Many. I really enjoyed Delicious Friction’s sound. They used a lot of heavy baselines with two vocalists, and had nice transitions from slow to fast.  Delicious Friction had a funny song about steroids that was hilarious and had a groovy beat that led with heavy base. I think my favorite part of their set was when the base player engaged the audience and asked what he should sing about. He then went on to basically “freestyle” his song on the audience’s topics.

The Sounds of Many stopped by the radio station for a live interview before their show on Saturday. I got a chance to get to know them, and they’re very down to earth/good people. They describe their music as a psychedelic garage band style. I couldn’t agree more. They had various types of sounds. Some rock, beachy vibe, alternative, and more. I thought it was cool how they incorporated a keyboard into their music. It gave them a multitude of sounds to work with. The lead singer had strong vocals that carried throughout the room. The drummer seemed calm and collective as he was rocking out with nice clean fills. My favorite of the band was the lead guitarist. Man, could that guy play. Every time a guitar solo would come on for him, the whole place seemed to light up.

All in all, it was a fun experience. The owners of Sisters of Sound were very friendly and welcoming. I could tell that they really care about local music and want to help bands get gigs. I had a blast and will be at the next Sisters of Sound show.

By: Damian Duran

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