Best Alternative Albums of the Year According to Us.

This year in alternative music was beautifully written by wonderful female artist who made us all feel deeply as we inhaled and exhaled our struggles of 2019 together. These are Wildcat 91.9’s favorite alternative albums of 2019.


This album is beautifully somber and shoe-gazey which is a great winter album to let you get in your feels with. Songs like “Turned Out I Was Everyone” is undoubtedly Beach House-esk, but songs like “I Was A Window” is uniquely her. This self-titled album, her first full length album, was a wonderful introduction to SASAMI and I’m excited to see what she does in the future.

9. Anemone- Beat My Distance

We love some Canadian French music here at Wildcat 91.9. This album makes you want to put on your favorite lime green power suit and dance your heart out. Power hits like “Daffodils,” “Memory Lane,” and oh god just TRY to listen to “Sunshine (Back to the Start)” and not move your body. Then the low-key softies like “Endless Drive.” We love a good excuse to squeeze some French music in every now and then.

8. Julia Jacklin- Crushing

This album was an instant classic for many fans of the genera. Jacklin’s vocals resembling that of Adrianne Lenker’s, but adding a sense of energy that Big Thief doesn’t always possess. If Jacklin didn’t have that pop-party cuteness she’d be just be someone else who sounds like someone else. Her “Pressure to Party” will always be a crowd pleaser and I thank her for that one.

7. Cate le Bon- Reward

For the rest of my life when I think of Cate le Bon I will forever hear that xylophone that is played at the beginning of “Home to You.” This album was hypnotizing, fresh but still very on brand for Cate Le Bon. “Sad Nudes” and “Miami” making you feel like you’re in an 80’s Italian TV drama is the charm and power that Cate le Bon has continued to show us.

6. Jay Som- Anak Ko

Jay Som really did that to us.

5. Frankie Cosmos- Close It Quietly

Can you believe this album came out this year too?? The music gods really did bless us this year. This album got us through the fall and stomps Cosmos’ 2018 album to bits. This album is at first listen is playful, the songs are short and it’s cute. But then you find yourself listening to it for the 3rd time in a row without realizing it and then you are crying while processing the lyrics. This cutie album deserves the whole world.

4. Girlpool- What Chaos is Imaginary

This album is a sweetie on the surface, but underneath means so much more. Listening to lead singer, Avery, in the song “Hire” and knowing that this was their first album after he had just transitioned, it became an introduction their fans of who he is now. Makes me weep. Girlpool is raw and beautiful and will always have the support of this radio station deep in our hearts.

3. (Sandy) Alex G- House of Sugar

This album will hold a special place in our hearts as I recall the months of anticipating this album. His singles “Gretel” and “Southern Sky,” were so complex and phenomenal they told the story and his theme of the album to come. He mastered his balance of experimental electronic flare with his folk core. This album is a beaut.

2. Weyes Blood- Titanic Rising

We should say thank you to Weyes Blood when we wake up every morning for blessing us with this album. Her first release in three years, this album is angelic and full in it’s sound. Not a single song on this album is a weak point. After listening to songs on this album like “Andromeda,” and “Movies,” you feel like you need to take a breather after hearing it, like you just ran an emotional marathon.

1. Angel Olsen- All Mirrors

The quality, the content, the production, the emotion. 10’s across the board for Angel Olsen. Our love has produced her first album since 2017 and I’m so glad she let this one brew. It has cinematic progression that is like eating a 10 course meal. Some songs light and sweet, some just punching you right in the gut. This album is timeless and one that I’m so happy exists.

Honorable mentions:

  1. Florist- Emily Alone
  2. Men I Trust- Oncle Jazz
  3. Whitney- Forever Turned Around
  4. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard- Infest the Rats Nest 
  5. Clairo- Immunity

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