Beach House – Thank Your Lucky Stars

The best way to describe the beginning of this Baltimore duo’s sixth album, Thank Your Lucky Stars, is ethereal. The first couple of songs are very light and refined, and the band is obviously trying to repress their full sound at the beginning. The great thing about this album is that it focuses more on the tone of Victoria’s vocals than the actual lyrics.  As soon as you hear the bass and drums in the song “One Thing”, you know that the album is about to transition into a different sound. And that’s exBeachhouse_thankyourluckystarsactly what happens in the next song, “Common Girl”, which centers mainly on the organ. It borders an amost monotonous sound, which makes sense with the message of the song. “Nobody special done a good thing for somebody else, taking advantage of that good thing for nobody else.” This contrasts with the last song on the album, “Somewhere Tonight”, wich evokes the feeling of a beach, similar to the band’s name. Instead of ending the album with a bang, Beach House decides to end the album wrapped in a little bow.

Thank Your Lucky Stars is a good album, but it kind of stays in its comfort zone. Most of the songs are very similar, and even though they’re good, they fail to fully grasp the listeners’ attention. It is obvious that Beach House is a very strong band considering they’ve been together for over ten years, I would just like to see them branch out a little bit more with their sound.

By: Monica Brich

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