Baseball Gregg – Sleep

Luca Lovisetto and Samuel Regan are the pop duo Baseball Gregg. The two met in Bologna, Italy. Luca is a native of Bologna and Samuel was a student studying abroad. The album Sleep, was interesting to get used to and is smoothly produced.

Sleep discusses themes such as unhappiness and peer pressure. I think the song “Yo Tengo” touched on the ladder the most. The album also focuses on acceptance, hesitation, heartbreak, anxiety, and depression. The entire album felt psychedelic. It was so accurate in depicting reality that it was trippy.

The very first song threw me for a loop. It’s called “Shine So Bright.” The song had an eerie feeling to it even though that’s the title. Although, in the middle it started to pick up to stay true. It talks about regret and feelings of nostalgia. Something we can all relate to.

“Always Feel the Same” was annoyingly repetitive. It can be comparable to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” except it wasn’t nearly as upbeat or catchy. Throughout the album, select verses are typically repeated almost like there’s no originality.

If you want to take a journey through la-la land, this is the album to listen to. Not to mention, Baseball Gregg is going on tour soon, so seeing the duo in person is possible.

I like how the album ended with the song “Sunrise.” The song was about reaching salvation and looking forward to another day. How our outlooks in life should be in general.

Hits: “Infinite Scrolling” “Sunrise”

Misses: “Shine so Bright” “Always Feel the Same”

Rate: 5.5

By Tori Wiegers

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