Bandname Brawl 2018 – Elite 8

The competition is getting stiff (but not too stiff, since Stiff Middle Fingers are out of the running). Here’s some information about your Elite 8. Voting ends today, so don’t forget to vote on Twitter. And a Final 4 post will be coming soon!

La Guerre

Self-described as “apparition pop”, this Lawrence band released their newest album, “Discord: recordings from the House of Leaves“, back in February. They don’t have any events listed at the moment, but they seem to mainly play in Lawrence and Kansas City. More information for that can be found here. And in the meantime, you can watch the Classroom Series they did with us here.

Pool Culture

Pool Culture is a one-person electronic rock group from Manhattan. Last year, Pool Culture was part of the UPC OPUS band competition. Information on upcoming events can be found here.

The Sluts

The Sluts are a garage rock group from Lawrence (and I predict they’ll be the champions). They have a few upcoming shows as the Replay Lounge and the Riot Room. Their album Only One was released last year on their Bandcamp. Their Twitter seems like the best way to keep up with them.

Grim Repeater

And yet another Lawrence band, Grim Repeater is “ethereally dirty synthesizer adventures through aural time and space”. Their Facebook says they’re interested in losers, and have a release date set for 2065. They have a few upcoming events in Lawrence and Kansas City. They released two albums last year, so here’s hoping there’s more coming soon! We also happened to do a Classroom Series with them last year, if you want to check it out.


This Kansas City group plays “neanderthal” music. If you want to know what that sounds like, you’ll have to check out their Bandcamp. And you know what’s not a BUMMER? They are currently in the middle of a national tour, which you can find the dates here. Updates (and some jokes) can also be found on their Twitter.


Dreamgirl is definitely a crush-worthy band. Our staff still gushes at the Classroom Series they did with us. Just saying. They’re keeping pretty busy, releasing their self-titled album in January. They also have a bunch of shows coming up, including one at The Granada with another Kansas City band, Hembree. They’re also pretty active on their Twitter, if you want to check that out.

Arc Flash

This space punk/mutant pop duo from Lawrence is definitely a band to check out. They were one of our first Classroom Series, and their album Carbon Copy was one of our favorite albums of last year. They’ve been on a bit of a hiatus as of late, but they had a show yesterday at the Replay Lounge, and hopefully we’ll hear some more from them soon! Here’s their Twitter if you want to keep posted for updates.

Psychic Heat

Last but not least, we have Psychic Heat from Lawrence. (These Lawrence bands seem to have a good odds at winning. Just like with basketball, perhaps?) Yet anothe OG Classroom Series band, they describe themselves as “fuzzy, psychedelic garage-punk with a hint of shoegaze.” Their last album release was in 2016, and they haven’t posted on social media or had a concert since October. Maybe that means they’re working on some new music? That’s cool, we’ll just sit here and listen to “Elixir” in the meantime.

That is who you’ve chosen as your Elite 8! It’s not too late to fill out a bracket on Twitter and predict who you think will win. Or is your choice already out of the running? Let us know!

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