Animal Collective – The Painters EP

Anyone well acquainted with the experimental pop group, Animal Collective, knows that their musical style is anything but normal. Their strange yet appealing combination of voice samples and surreal instrumentals make each of their releases seem like a trippy a capella group. It’s a very distinct style as well, essentially pioneering their genre in the past.

Their musical uniqueness holds up in their newest release yet, The Painters EP. The first half of the EP starts off surprisingly calm, the songs “Kinda Bonkers” and “Peacemaker” trudging along to a very laid back drum beat. However, the remaining half of the EP is incredibly fast paced, with the song Jimmy Mack almost sounding like a party beat. Overall, the album has a lot to offer its listeners, regardless of what they’re looking for. It’s almost like a musical jack of all trades for AnCo. Anybody who enjoyed their last album Painting With will love this EP. If you happen to enjoy the works of Dan Deacon or Black Moth Super Rainbow, the new Animal Collective EP is definitely for you.
By: Ben Morley

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