Anger Management – Rico Nasty

After releasing her previous project Nasty; Rico Nasty teams up with her producer, Kenny Beats, on their new project Anger Management.

Nine songs with strong influences of punk and heavy metal, Rico and Kenny team up to create their own sound, which some call “Sugar Trap”.

Anger Management first song is Cold which perfectly shows Rico’s talent of aggressive heavy metal rap. Her talent paired with the raspiness of her voice definitely adds to feeling like you’re “that b*tch” also ready to “f*ck sh*t up”.

The third song on the track list is Hatin. Kenny takes the beat of Jay-Z Dirt off Your Shoulders and flips it. Rico in turn, flips the chorus  “If you’re feeling like a pimp n*gga, go and brush your shoulders off…”

In the Chorus of Hatin Rico says, “if you feeling like a boss b*tch , go’n…”

Maria-Cecilia Simone Kelly AKA Rico Nasty is an American Rapper

The song that REALLY stood out to me on this project was Sell Out! In this song Rico talks about how she’s never going to be a sell out. She’s not into sacrificing her integrity to make money. She will indeed sell out shows but…

“Yeah, I might sell out but I ain’t no sell out…”

In the second verse of this song Rico talks about how people will hate on someone because they’re different — that hate turns into a profit.

“People hate you because you’re different and focused/ people hate me so i flipped it/and turned my emotions into something y’all could sing to”.

Sell Out- Rico Nasty

First impressions of this project were really kind of rough but after coming back and listening to the project and really grew on me! There are songs that you can really relate to and some that honestly could help manage your anger.

With that being said I would give this project 7.5/10.

By: Isaiah Cubit

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