Alum Spotlight: McKinnon Walsh

This weeks’ DJ of the week was only a DJ for six weeks. He is not now nor ever has been a K-State student. But he still helps out, so we figured we’d give him a spotlight.


Name: McKinnon Walsh15267750_10209674558598791_4832375665149872323_n
Twitter: @mckinnon_walsh
Position at KSDB/name of show (if applicable): DJ and Classroom Series Assistant
Years at the station: ~0.0437 years (non-continuous) 2016

How did you get involved with KSDB?
I got involved with KSDB by listening to the station and hearing that all I had to do was send in an application, and my girlfriend was working at the station at the time so I figured I’d have a good shot at it.

Favorite part about the station/favorite memory?
My favorite memory was when the automated system went down and we had to keep the station playing music overnight manually, I came in with this other DJ named Bridget Lynch (aka DJ Thesaurus Rex) from 1 am to 4 am and we brought in sleeping bags and pillows and blankets and got all comfy in the room. We talked on air about a bunch of random stuff, such as chlamydia contraction rates by state and why Earth, Wind, and Fire is awesome and really just a bunch of random topics we could find to talk about. ​Other awesome memories include seeing awesome bands and artists in studio with the Classroom Series and the shows that usually follow them.

What are you doing now?
I’m majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and minoring in Chemistry at The University of Kansas.

What advice would you give to the current staff/DJs?
Have fun with it, go on air, get uncomfortable, then get comfortable doing it.  The only thing better than getting to play music you love is when you get to talk about how you found it and hope to see some listeners at shows you’re going to.  Don’t be afraid to talk on air because the more you do it the less nervous you’ll be and then you can really be yourself and talk about what you want to more confidently.

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