Alum Spotlight: Emily McIntosh

KSDB is showing off our amazing alumni! This week it is our past Rock Manager, Emiluy McIntosh. If you are an alum and would like an alum spotlight, you can email with the responses below. (And yes, that is Emily with the X Ambassadors)

Name: Emily McIntosh
Twitter: @emilymci
Position at KSDB/name of show (if applicable): Rock Director/”Hot Donna on The Wildcat 91.9”
Years at the station: 2008-2011

How did you get involved with KSDB?
A friend of mine convinced me to check the class out my first week at K-State…and the rest is history.

Favorite part about the station/favorite memory? All the time spent just hanging in the studio with friends – discovering new music and planning our shows.

What are you doing now?
Program Director at 93.3 KGSR, Radio Austin

What have you learned from working with KSDB? How does that helped you with your current job?
I fell in love with radio at KSDB.  I developed invaluable skills and lifelong friendships; and made connections that have helped me along the way!

What advice would you give to the current staff/DJs?
Try something outside your comfort zone.  Don’t be afraid to get on the air and share what you love – music, information, sports, your opinion.  And save what you do!  It helps when you’re putting a resume together down the road.

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