Alum Spotlight: Ellen Collingwood

Name: Ellen Collingwoodellen2
Twitter: @ellenryan
Position at KSDB/name of show (if applicable):
Promotions Director
Years at the station: 2 (2013-2015)

How did you get involved with KSDB?
I’d listened to KSDB all throughout college and always been intrigued by the selection of music they played. A younger friend of mine hosted a weekly show and after learning it was cost-free and a low time commitment, I enrolled in MC165 and never looked back.

Favorite part about the station/favorite memory?
Being on staff at KSDB introduced me to some of my favorite people from college and some of my greatest memories. After struggling with how to make the best out of being moved from the Union, we came up with the idea for an Open House to show students our new space. Although it was my final semester on campus and obligations were pulling me every different way, I dedicated my heart and soul to making the event the best it could be and was so proud of how our station came together and pulled it off beautifully.

What are you doing now?
Just moved to Minneapolis, MN and am on the job hunt.

What have you learned from working with KSDB? How does that helped you with your current job?
KSDB was one of the greatest learning experiences I was granted in college. There is extreme power in being a part of a truly student-run organization; although it can be stressful at times holding full responsibility for planning and decision making, you also have the freedom to hand-craft your position and experience to fit your skills and ambitions. That lesson has helped me take pride in having responsibility in leading projects or teams instead of feeling anxious or doubtful about my abilities to succeed.

What advice would you give to the current staff/DJs?
Dive in! The real fun starts when you engage beyond class and your weekly DJ shift. There are SO many opportunities to make your mark at the station and greatly benefit it using your unique talents. Try out your crazy, quirky ideas, and don’t be afraid to fail–that’s the beauty of college radio.

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