Album Review: Norman F*cking Rockwell – Lana Del Ray

Review Written by Olivia Johnston

Lana Del Rey’s 6th studio album, ‘Norman F*cking Rockwell’, highlights everything good about her and her style. This album focuses on her isolated vocals with a melodic piano in almost every song. 

Though Lana sticks to her style we expect of her, we also get to hear something new, such as “Venice B*tch”, which runs 9 minutes long and has some psychedelic aspects to it, you can’t help but sit through the whole song.

The songs are light, free-flowing and capture the aspect of love in them. Lana’s soft falsettos and carefully coordinated piano definitely make this album rise to it’s respectful place on the top charts! 

Her music video for “Doin’ Time” shows her influence from the 50’s but the music style seems very spy, hip-hop influenced.


1. Norman F*cking Rockwell

2. Mariners Apartment Complex

3. Venice Bitch

4. F*ck It I love you

5. Doin’ Time

6. Love song

7. Cinnamon Girl

8. How to disappear

9. California

10. The Next Best American Record

11. The Greatest

12. Bartender

13. Happiness Is a Butterfly 14. Hope is a dangerous thing for like me to have – but I have it

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