Album Review: Days You Were Leaving – Rose Dorn

Review by Zach Perez

Days You Were Leaving is Rose Dorn’s first full length album. The LA based indie trio’s newest work follows two highly praised EP’s, Call Her and Speak Later. The album was named as a “notable release” by both NPR and Stereogum. The album covers a variety of subjects but has been self-described by the group as being about “coming to terms with the complexities of life in time, of learning to love and accept where you’ve been and where you’re going while remembering to love and accept where you are now.”

Through all ten of its songs, Days You Were Leaving gives you a feeling of reluctance, like what’s being said in its lyrics isn’t something we want to say or hear but is brought forth nonetheless. This feeling is reflected in the tempos and rhythms of the album. It’s melancholy and somber melodies that are punctuated by short, deliberate carshendos of upbeat guitar riffs give mind to our long, often painful but rewarding experience of growing up and to become the people we want to be.

Two stand out tracks on the album, for me, were “Collar” and “Champ”. “Collar” begins with a synthesized percussion and keyboard beat and soft vocals, neither of which really separate it from other songs on the album. About mid way through the track though, the tempo is moved up and a simple yet energetic guitar riff moves the tone of the song from a wistful admission of remorse, to a powerful and pained expression of longing to get someone back into your life. “Champ” begins similarly but quickly sheds the slow rhythm of its intro for a constant and very catchy synthesized keyboard melody with soft and subtle percussion beats in between vocals. The song’s lyrics show a frustrating struggle of failing to fit into a new place while trying to stay connected with the people you left behind. 

In this writer’s opinion, Days You Were Leaving’s sound is well done but isn’t unique enough to grab anyone’s attention. Its lyrics and messages are what make this an album worth listening to, especially for us college age youths who aren’t really in the future we saw ourselves in yet but also have a lot of our lives behind us. It’s good listening for rainy days when you’re feeling like reminiscing about the past you’ve moved beyond or thinking about the future you’re struggling to find. 

Track List:

  1. Big Thunder
  2. Shaking 
  3. Genius 
  4. Collar 
  5. Champ 
  6. LRP 
  7. HYC
  8. Deathwish
  9. Heaven II
  10. Wish

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