Album Review: Cast Recording – Dear Evan Hansen

Review by Autumn Brummer

Dear Evan Hansen a 2017 tony award-winning musical for Best Musical is in fact one of the great and most impactful musicals on Broadway. It shows the struggles teens face every day. There is no person who could watch the show and not relate to anything that this musical brings to the table. The musical goes on to talk about Evan Hansen, a socially awkward teen with anxiety, who gets himself involved in an awkward situation. Evan has massive anxiety and struggles to maintain friends, to find an outlet to release his thoughts, he writes himself a letter. But he ends up leaving the letter in one of the classrooms, causing him to get wrapped up in the death of another student, Conner.  Another student finds the letter and they believe that the letter was written by Conner to Evan, showing their romantic life and struggles they may face. As the story goes on it shows heart ache, loss of a love one, depression, and so much more. Dear Evan Hansen not only shows us that we are not alone through on-stage production, but through song. 

The soundtrack to the musical shows so many ups and downs in the world and brings in emotions that one may hide inside. The song, You Will be Found, has become a national anthem against bullying for many high schools. It talks about those who may be facing depression, anxiety, or just anything that someone may be facing. The song tells them they are not alone, and it is not wrong to feel like you are. The song goes on to say, “Even when the dark comes crashing through, when you need a friend to carry you, and when you are broken on the ground…You will be found.” The songs through the musical not only bring you the light of the darkness in life, but the comedy you can find it. Sincerely, Me is one of the funniest songs you will ever hear. It is a song about Evan and his friend trying to write a letter to fill in the holes of their story they have created. Trust me you will want to sit down and list to this soundtrack as it will take you a on wild journey of emotions and laughter. 

The story of Dear Evan Hansen will live through the ages as not only a stepping stone for Broadway productions, but in ways to connect with teens that are feeling alone. Dear Evan Hansen is on Broadway right now and will be going till June of 2020. Be sure to check out the soundtrack and give it the chance to touch your heart as it has mine. 

Track List:

1. Anybody Have a Map?

2. Waving Through A Window

3. For Forever

4. Sincerely, Me

5. Requiem

6. If I Could Tell Her

7. Disappear

8. You Will Be Found

9. To Break In a Glove

10. Only Us

11. Good For You

12. Words Fail

13. So Big / So Small

14. Finale

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