Album Review: Anak Ko – Jay Som

Review by Claire Todd

Jay Som as already established herself as an Indie-Pop heavy hitter with the likes of Soccer Mommy, Mitski, and Japanese Breakfast. Her success bring women to the forefront of the genre, and her newest album, Anak Ko, firmly cements itself in the halls of dreamy shoe-gazer stardom. 

The true splendor of Anak Ko is found in the instrumentation. Songs like “Crown” make excellent use of unpredictable melodies and uncommon chord progressions, and her guitar riffs add a distinct retro feel. The sound of this album is purposeful and nothing feels out of place. It feels like she took great care to develop the mood and sound of each song.

Her musical talent is not always reflected in her lyrics. Jay Som is a lyricist of few words, and it can be hard to derive a point from her more sparse songs. Some songs are difficult to interpret or relate to because she seemingly has nothing to say in her songs, which is false. Many of her songs have distinct lyrical meaning, but it’s lost in repetition and vague metaphors.

Overall, the album has a beautiful sound. Jay Som’s music does an excellent job of creating an atmosphere and demonstrating emotion. It makes you feel what she’s feeling without spelling it out. This album keeps drawing you back, and every time you listen, it reveals something new that you didn’t notice.

Track List:

  1. If You Want It
  2. Superbike
  3. Peace Out
  4. Devotion
  5. Nighttime Drive
  6. Tenderness
  7. Anak Ko
  8. Crown
  9. Get Well

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