Album Review: Allah-Las – LAHS

Review my Zacc Perez

When this album got announced back in July, I was thoroughly intrigued by it. It’s sound, a mixture of soft guitar chords and reverberating vocals, reminded me of the 70’s version of alt rock that my dad played in his car when he drove me to school. In a way, it sounds almost psychedelic at certain points as well, like something you may hear played at a festival at that time.

I was all for this album when it was announced alongside the release of one of its singles, “In The Air”. It seemed like a perfect summer, something I could listen to listen to as I spent days outside with my dog and the weather was nice. Fast forward to now, it’s cold, cloudy and I don’t get to see my dog that often. I say this to illustrate my opinion that this album feels like a summertime album. I was honestly very confused when I read that it was being released in mid-October. After listening to it extensively though, I’ll say that the decision has more changed how I view the songs on the album rather than make me dislike them. They now make me feel sentimental of a sunnier time rather than act as a chill soundtrack to my summertime misadventures.

Overall, LAHS, is a great album for relaxed listening. Allah-Las has step out a bit in terms of playing with their tried and true sound. They’ve pushed into more experimental territory with this release. They’ve done more with mixing instrumentals as well as putting these psychedelic reverbs into most of the tracks on the album which sounds absolutely amazing in my opinion. They also did two tracks, “Pleasure” and “Prazer Em Te Conhecer”, in two different languages. 

It’s easy to tell that this LA based band put a lot into this album. The finished product is something that feels like a meticulously planned out experience. My advice, get some friends and listen to this album in one sitting on a chill night in. My two stand out songs are “Keeping Dry” and “Star”. “Keeping Dry” has a great opening guitar hook that feeds into get percussion rhythm that makes the whole track just feel like a smooth and cool afternoon. “Star” has great overall beat but the vocals and lyrics are what carry it. This album is awesome and it makes me excited for anything else Allah-Las has in store for the coming year.

Track List:

  1. Holding Pattern
  2. Keeping Dry
  3. In The Air
  4. Prazer Em Te Conhecer
  5. Roco Ono
  6. Star
  7. Royal Blues
  8. Electricity
  9. Light Yearly
  10. Polar Onion
  11. On Our Way
  12. Houston
  13. Pleasure

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