Albert Hammond Jr. – Francis Trouble

The iconic Albert Hammond Jr. has made his return to the music world with his 4th solo album, Francis Trouble. Named after his stillbirth twin brother, Francis Trouble may be The Strokes guitarist’s strongest solo project so far. It’s one of those albums you want to have ready for when you are going cruising on a 75 degree sunny day with all the windows rolled down. It’s packed with many different grand overarching themes, from romance and lust, to joy and fun, with some weird turns,  like “ScreaMER,”  in between. You can easily see how Albert uses core Strokes musical elements to create this album, as it is very fast paced and energetic, while also being very easy to listen to. 

The opening track “DvsL” sets the tone for this entire project. Its catchy, repetitive, but still enticing. The next couple of tracks on this project fall under the same category, as they make a pretty strong statement about the strong guitar pop songwriting skills that Albert can bring to the table. In my opinion, this stretch of tracks, from the opener to “Set to Attack,”  displays Albert in his element and, in my opinion, is the strongest section of the project. The latter half of the album shows off the more personal and emotional side of Albert. Songs like “Rocky’s Late Night,” and “Strangers” really capitalize on these themes, which adds more intrigue into this project in terms of overall meaning. Although this project kind-of hits some lower points in terms of consistency in some of the middle and latter parts, the album is overall success in my opinion and proves to me that Albert Hammond Jr. stills got it, (as well as keeps my pipe dream of another good Strokes album alive).

Rate- 7

Hits- “Set to Attack” “Muted Beings” “Far Away Truths”

Misses- “Stop and Go”

By: Daniel Lopez

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