Adrianne Lenker – abysskiss

For a little background, the talented Adrianne Lenker has been writing songs since she was ten years old, and has been part of the band Big Thief since about 2015. Her voice in solo album abysskiss was sweet like honey, and the music consisted of a simple guitar, nothing dramatic.

The newest song released from abysskiss is one called “from.” It’s the sort of song I’m a sucker for. One where the words paint pictures all the while remaining mysterious. It’s what I often want from music: that feeling of being carried away by the tone and imagery in a song.

The songs chosen for this collection were the songs that felt the most alive. Who knows, maybe some will appear in the future in different forms.

abysskiss doesn’t feel like it was worked on or rushed. It’s a little more focused. I liked “out of your mind” for that reason. One electric guitar played quietly on that one song.

Lenker writes powerfully about secrets. The secrets of intimacy, family, the secrets of nature. abysskiss thrums quietly with the unease of these secrets. The album showcases her imagination. The chord voicings never settle entirely, just like her voice, which can sound soothing.

abysskiss captures a fleeting moment in time. Adrianne’s unmistakable vocals sound accompanied only by cold electronics. The vocal is delicate and strong, soothing yet uneasy, each listen revealing new depth.

The lyrics are high quality, but I’m not a fan of the slow music.

Hits: “from,” “out of your mind”

Misses: “symbol”

Rate: 6

By Tori Wiegers

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