Action Bronson – Mr. Wonderful

In the lead-up to Action Bronson’s major label debut, some wondered if Action Bronson’s meandering, ever-changing, irrepressible, sometimes vulgar, wild style would transfer well from mixtapes (and lesser releases) to a full-length major label album.

Mr. Wonderful answers that question with a resounding yes.

For the most part, Bronson’s style remains unchanged on the album.  The meandering conversations, Action_Bronson_Mr._Wonderfulmovie clips and random advertisements are gone, but the massive shifts in flow, rhythm and tone remain.  Many of those shifts can be attributed to the variety of talented producers employed on the album.

The Bronson many have come to know shines through in much of the album, mainly in the songs produced by The Alchemist and Party Supplies, both of whom Bronson has extensively worked with in the past.  Those most concerned with Bronson’s mainstream approach, though, will likely look to Bronson’s newest collaborations with Noah “40” Shebib on “Actin Crazy” and Mark Ronson on “Baby Blue” and “Brand New Car” as the most encouraging signs in regards to Bronson’s future success.  Each of these songs allows Bronson to show off his versatility while still maintaining a focused approach.

Opportunity be knockin’” and it seems pretty clear that Action Bronson is well aware.

By: Eric Nehm

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