9.19 ways to sound smart in front of your friends

Here are 9.19 things that happened this week that your co-workers may not know:

#1 Facebook now recruiting dead people
Apparently Facebook isn’t content with the 7 billion people who are currently on the planet. The social media site will now let people become a “legacy contact” which means that you can appoint a relative or friend to continue to update your social media profile after you’re gone. Legacy contacts can still add friends and post statuses.

#2 U.S. wary about Ukraine peace deal
Earlier this week, a peace deal between Ukraine and Russia were reached through multinational negotiations. However, the U.S. government doesn’t trust either Russia or the Ukrainian Rebels to stick to their agreement. The U.S. could still increase sanctions on Russia or provide Ukraine with munitions if the deal goes bad.

#3 Al-Jazeera journalists on bail from Egyptian prison
Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed are on bail in Egypt after 411 days in jail. The two journalists have been granted a retrial after a high court overturned a guilty verdict in which the two men were accused of helping the outlawed Muslim brotherhood. The journalists’ next hearing is on February 23rd.

#4 David Carr passing
New York Times Media Columnist David Carr died at 58. Carr was an inspiration for both journalists and recovering addicts alike due to the fact that he fought his drug addiction and became an unlikely name-brand columnist. Carr collapsed in the New York Times newsroom and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

#5 NASA celebrating 50 years of spacewalking
NASA is planning three Extra Vehicular Activities for February to commemorate the 50th year of spacewalking. All three EVA’s are expected to last around 6.5 hours.

#6 New particles found at the Large Hadron Collider
Two new particles have been discovered using the machine that found the Higgs Boson. The two particles are about three times as massive as protons. The particles do not yet have formal names, currently scientist call them DS3*(2860)¬- and DS1*(2860)-.

#7 Jon Stewart’s retirement
Jon Stewart is ending his long run with the Daily Show later this year. According to a Comedy Central media release, the show will continue on without him. Nothing has been released yet about Stewart’s replacement.

#8 Kansas Transport budget
The Kansas House Transport Budget Committee voted to keep $280 million from being transferred away under Brownback’s budget transfers. Brownback wanted to transfer a total of $724 million to fill projected budget shortfalls in 2016 and 2017.

#9 Regents reviewing impact of same-sex marriages on universities
The Kansas Board of Regents has appointed a committee to look at the effect of same-sex marriages on state universities. One member believes that the U.S. Supreme Court to rule that state’s must at least recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states. Universities would then need to consider issues like health insurance and housing policies.

#9.19 Ruth Bader Ginsburg may not have been completely sober during state of the union
The Supreme Court justice decided this year that she would stay away from the wine during the dinner before the speech. However, when another justice brought a bottle of fine wine, Ginsburg couldn’t help but enjoy a few glasses with her meal. Later the other two justices were seen nudging Ginsburg in an attempt to keep her awake.

By: Anthony Williams

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