6LACK – East Atlanta Love Letter

A trap soul album at it’s finest from the East Atlanta-born singer, rapper and song writer, 6lack, who knows the words, production and stylistic approach to present his perspective in way that grasp your ears. FREE 6LACK was his introduction album, that included his hit breakout single “PRBLMS”. After that release, the anticipation remained high, then 2 years later 6LACK blessed us with his new project East Atlanta Love Letter which includes 14 tracks… doesn’t the title just make you want to lay on your back, and watch the stars while your listen to the smooth R&B flow?

I definitely recommend listening to this album, straight through, and no skips. But I’ll have to start with my personal favorite tracks in the album. Which is “East Atlanta love letter” ft. Future, “Let her go,” and “Pretty Little Fears” Ft. Jcole. Now just like everyone else, I too saw “East Atlanta love Letter” ft. Future, and thought of how amazing this tag team was in “Ex Calling,” and KNEW this duet was going to be some fire.

And guess what? That’s exactly what it was! This smooth trap R&B vibes made my headphones pulse a romantic energy from my ears to my soul…*cue the violin.* The simplicity of this song plus his vocals are as clear and pure, makes this song just beautiful, and full of romance.

Track 4, “Let Her GO”, is 6lack at his finest. A nice trap bounce with a sick flow. Throughout this song he is emphasis on layering these records with sound. Listening to this song you can hear several different textures while listening to the album’s production.

By Tiffany Horne 

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