Miike Snow at Cain’s Ballroom

On June 2nd  I had the good fortune to see Miike Snow live at what has to be my favorite venue so far Cain’s Ballroom located in Tulsa, OK. I’ve seen Local Natives, Passion Pit, St. Vincent, Iron and Wine, Animal Collective at Cain’s and now I can add the electronic and synth pop band to that list. The show really surprised me with the level of energy that the band brought to that show. I honestly had no idea that they could get as loud as they did, but they did it.The opening act was a band called Sports. They were an interesting group with shades of The Killers and Foster the People during there early days. I never thought I would four guys wearing black pants and silver member’s only jackets. The singer himself wore a red cowgirl hat the kind you give to a little kid. He also had on red sunglasses. Needless to say I enjoyed the first act.

Miike Snow played songs from all three of their albums ,but mainly from their first and third album. They started playing stuff off their latest album the crowd really came alive when they played “Genghis Khan”. The crowd really came alive and sung along to the band. As the two hour set came to an end they played the song that made them famous “Animal”.  It was definitely great to hear that song that made me a fan of theirs myself. I remember waking up at 6:00 in the morning watching MTV (I guess MTV only played music videos before the crack of dawn back then.)

My final impression of the concert is that it was a great show. Miike Snow really surprised me with the level of energy that they brought to their show that night. Odds are if I had the chance to see this group again I probably would gladly buy a ticket.

By Clinton Willis

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