Alum Spotlight: Kyle Corbett

KSDB is showing off our amazing alumni! This week it is our past Promotions Director, Kyle Corbett. If you are an alum and would like an alum spotlight, you can email with the responses below.

Name: Kyle Corbett
Twitter: @Kylesfunhavings
Position at KSDB/name of specialty show(if applicable): Promotional Director, Always had a show, no specific show names over the years.
Years at the station: 2006-2011

How did you get involved with KSDB?
Sister was a member of KSDB staff when she was in school and I always thought it was super cool!
Favorite part about the station/favorite memory?
The first two years of Fake Patty’s day… The first year no one knew what was going on but we had a blast. Other memories involve the all the concerts we put on over the years. we worked with some awesome Manhattan business owners who gave us the tools and abilities to promote our station and help build awesome partnerships.

What are you doing now?
I recently left the beer industry after 5 years to pursue my life long passion of selling insurance. Ha. I work for a very cool company and help business put together the best possible benefits for their employees.

What advice would you give the current staff/DJs?
Take it all in, Even the mundane, they will be great memories, seek out good music, report on the truth, give insight into sports and music that others don’t have. Always know that someone is listening ALWAYS even at 2 AM when you are in the booth by yourself, you are talking to someone and it means something. Build relationships with those around you, and the businesses that you work with, they will last the rest of your lifetime. The people you work with at the station will go on and be very interesting, successful people. So will you, hold on to those connections.

What have you learned from working at KSDB and how has that helped you with your current job?
One big thing is how to be a team member, how to delegate tasks and make very difficult goals attainable through teamwork and hard work. Marketing and Management was my major at K-State, I was able to incorporate both of those into my life at KSDB. Many times we were successful in our projects, at times we were not but KSDB provided a safe learning environment where even if we did not accomplish our end goal we advanced ourselves and our program. Advancing yourself and your organization does not go away, that has always been a very viable lesson. More practically working in marketing professionally I have recorded sound clips, commercial spots, and done sound editing many time after college. Its always nice when you walk into a studio and have at least a half ass idea what is going on and how the equipment works.

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